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This code repository exposes an Arduino library for the Helium Atom module. The Helium Atom makes it easy to securely connect IoT devices and applications to back-end IoT services.

Getting Started

See a getting started guide on the Helium site.

Supported Boards

Board Din Dout Notes
Arduino Uno 9 8
Arduino M0 Pro 0 1
Arduino Zero 0 1
Arduino Due 9 8 Wire up RX3 (15) to pin 8 on board, TX3 to pin9

Example Setup

The example sketches can be found in the Arduino IDE under File > Examples > Helium.

Getting Help

If you have any questions or ideas about how to use this code - or any part of Helium - head over to the Helium Community Slack. We're standing by to help.


Want to contribute to helium-arduino? That's awesome!

Please see https://github.com/helium/helium-arduino/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md "CONTRIBUTING.md" in this repository for details.