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Namespace AddGateway

The following high level steps need to be taken to add a new hotspot

  1. Connect to Hotspot over BLE, get onboarding address
  2. Get the onboarding record from the onboarding server
  3. Create an AddGatewayV1 transaction
  4. Sign the transaction
  5. Post the transaction to the onboarding server to have the maker pay for the transaction
  6. Submit the onboarding txn to the helium api

Your app can utilize the OnboardingProvider and HotspotBle providers to simplify these interactions

import {
} from '@helium/react-native-sdk';

// Dewi is the default url. You do not need to assign baseUrl if you plan to use it.
<OnboardingProvider baseUrl="https://onboarding.dewi.org/api/v2">
    <YourApp />

They can then be used like

import { useHotspotBle, useOnboarding } from '@helium/react-native-sdk';

const { getOnboardingRecord, postPaymentTransaction } = useOnboarding()}
const { createGatewayTxn } = useHotspotBle()



Const calculateAddGatewayFee

  • calculateAddGatewayFee(ownerB58: string, payerB58: string): { fee: number; stakingFee: number }
  • Calculate the transaction fee and staking fee for an AddGatewayV1 transaction.


    • ownerB58: string
    • payerB58: string

    Returns { fee: number; stakingFee: number }

    • fee: number
    • stakingFee: number

Const signGatewayTxn

Const txnFromString

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